How to hide my name? private settings!

  • Yeah i know that i can hide friends greenames by pressing H(1-3 times) but… is there any settings to hide MY name from them even if they pressed H to show it up?

    its just one of my fav private settings. Seriously if there is noway to hide my name from others so please add this feature.

  • The only way to do this is to turn it off, server side. If you run a server you can turn this feature off but i am assuming you do not. SO unfortunately if the server admins have it turned on there is nothing you can do and as far as I know every server admin leaves it on by default.

  • it must be client side

  • there is no way for you to control if your name shows up on other players computers. IT is a server side setting to enable or disable for all within that server. IF you rent a server then you can turn this off. Hitting “H” is the only way for a client to turn off the names for their computer. There is no way to do that on someone else’s computer.

  • I’m sorry, there is no way to hide your own name from anyone else and is not a feature that will be added in.

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