Chivalry on LAN anyone?

  • I everyone, I’m new to this forum but I love Chivalry it’s a fantastic game!

    I also enjoy playing it on LAN, In fact I’ve hosted a few LAN tournaments and it’s awesome! on LAN even more enjoyable as you can get even more involved in the action! taking a look at the last event it was just epic, we had the final duel on the big screen in front of 50 people and it was wicked, it’s kinda our official LAN game (amongst others we play of course UT3, CSGO etc) if anyones interested in a Competitive/Fun gaming event message me!

    apologies if this breeches the advertising bureaucracy! I just love Chivalry on LAN!

  • Seems awesome actually. I’ve never been to a LAN party before but it could be great. Where is it at? I’m in Canada, Quebec.

  • am guessing by the white rose logo and yorksha(!) this will be in Yorkshire, UK

    Being near Chester myself, sadly this is a bit out of my way but wishing you all good luck :D

  • If someone would make this in Germany I’d probably join

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