UDK - Personal Project

  • Hey all

    Ive just started exploring into the world of the unreal development kit, because myself and another from college have decided to create our own game project. This project would not be for the benefit of financial gain, but experience gain as I inspire to be a game developer in the future.

    I’ve been involved in multiple small projects from the Call of duty series using Radient, but I must say the UDK environmental editor is completely different to radient (similar to hammer) which uses brushes!

    I just felt the need to discuss it, obviously I will not be starting the project yet for I have not fully grasped the level design tools, but I do already have level design knowledge. When I do, I will begin the non-commercial project. From the experience gained from previous projects, i’ve definately learned doing my homework is necessary before beginning any game. When we learn the UDK inside out, ill go for it, and keeping you posted.

  • Hey man, great to see another aspiring(sorry to be a spelling #$^) game developer.

    if you are still visiting these forums and you see this, then I got 2 websites that you must bookmark immediately:

    http://www.interlopers.net/index.php?pa … ng-started - I know it’s hl2, but it’s still got good stuff in it.

    http://www.worldofleveldesign.com/ - has a high focus on left 4 dead and unreal engine development.

    Also in my research, I have discovered this guide on world of level design - a must read: http://www.worldofleveldesign.com/categ … -part1.php

    hope that helps.

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