PC problem

  • Hello.

    So, there is a problem with my pc, a weird one.

    Everytime I launched a game, after some minutes the pc freezed, the screen showed some random colors and then it shut down automatically.

    I thought it’s the graphics card fault so I took it to the shop for them to fix it, but they said theres no problem with the graphics card.

    I then thought it’s the mobo’s slot fault, took the mobo, she’s fine too.

    And it got even worse now, everytime I opened the pc it Bluescreens right before loading Windows.

    I removed my graphics card now, I am using a very old one, and it doesn’t have problems, but I can’t play games for shit of course.

    I’d appreciate any usefull advise.
    Thanks in advance.

  • The problem goes away when you remove the graphics card?

  • Well, my windows don’t crash yea, but I still can’t play games, they play like a slideshow, but I guess thats because the graphics card is very old.

  • If you can get into Windows again after 1 Bluescreen you could try out the BlueScreenView.
    It can help to understand why it shows you a bluescreen. Than google the result and maybe it helps you to find your cracked component.

  • Know your pc specs? Mobo + (version of bios), Operating System, CPU, Ram, Vid card (drivers?), Sound card if using one (drivers?), Case, PSU.

    Have you messed with bios settings recently? Do you overclock?

    I would put the good card back in, and make sure its in good and powered. Then I would “Load Optimised Defaults” in bios. See if that gets ya anywhere.

  • Remove everything from the motherboard, then put it back. Try and slightly clean the RAM slots.

    The blue screen sounds like faulty RAM

  • Haven’t messed with the bios nope. I might try that thank you.

    Can all my 3(I have 3 of 2gb each) RAM be cracked? not even one works properly?

  • Developer

    If it’s not blue screening when the old video card is in, and nothing else has changed, I’d lean towards one of:

    • Video card is defective

    • Video card is overheating

    • Power supply is overtaxed

    • Something something motherboard

    RAM is always possibly an issue with anything, because RAM issues are weird and tricky, but it’s super unlikely if you’ve pulled them all and tried each individually to no avail (and it sounds like you have), and you probably wouldn’t video artifact out before a RAM crash.

    The power supply works with your old card, so it’s not totally busted. You can see if disconnecting peripherals / drivers / cards allows the computer to boot without blue screening.

    Video card overheating is going to be hard to gauge if you can’t even start Windows, and less likely if the blue screens are happening immediately. Only thing I can think of here is to verify that the fan is spinning, the heatsink/fan isn’t clogged with dust, and there’s adequate ventilation in the case.

    If those aren’t it that would, in my non-professional estimation, leave the video card itself as the most likely culprit, despite whatever the computer repair place said. Only thing I can think of there to rule it out would be to connect it to another computer.

  • Yea I checked RAM too, and I have 3 2gb rams, can they all be broken?

    The 4870x2 is directly connected to the psu, with a cable, it’s plugged in to get power from it directly, the old one doesnt do that. That makes me believe it might be a psu problem, yea definitely it’s not totally busted, but it might be THAT much busted that it can’t supply the card, because it’s a demanding card, while the old one is not.

    I checked for dust and fans were working too.

    Also, the 4870x2 had a red light on it everytime my pc ran, so it showed something is wrong, if it was her fault wouldnt that happen at the shop too?

    EDIT: So yea from the 4 scenarios you mentioned, let’s go with the facts here :

    • I ckecked the Card twice and it was diagnosed as working fine, I always leave a possibility of it being the faulty one though of course.

    • See above.

    -I’m leaning towards this actually.

    -I checked mobo too, aaaand actually tried another same mobo(asus p6t) too, and it worked ok, which other mobo was proved to be working fine too.

    Thank you for the deep answer though, anyway.

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