Keys are temporarily exhausted for this product

  • So I just paid $50 for the instant access and when I go to generate a key it says “Keys are temporarily exhausted for this product”. I’m presuming there are no more keys for instant access. If that’s the case, can I get a refund?

  • I received the same error after paying $50 for the instant access version. If the issue is not rectified before the release date, I will also be expecting a refund. Hopefully it shall be fixed soon.

    If there are no more keys available for the beta, it would be wise to prevent purchases for instant access…

  • I don’t know if this is the case, but I do remember Steve stating that access to the beta will not be available after the start of October as it is so close to release.

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    Apparently they had the option still there until the keys ran out, but due to unexpected demand the keys ran out and purchases kept coming through. I think it might have been the exposure they got through kotaku that made for a sudden burst of purchases. It’s why I’m here, this game looks awesome =)

  • Ah this looks promising. I guess I’ll just wait. Thanks guys.

  • Developer

    Keys are going up, should be receiving them soon!

  • Ya, I had not heard about this game until I bought war of the roses. Which is AWFUL!!! So someone on those boards mentioned this game and I was amazed by how it looks. So I decide that since I have the day off, I’ll pay the extra $25 to play the game all day since I rarely get time to play games. Well what do ya know, they are out of keys and I’m out $50. I don’t care if they get some in a few hours because in a few hours I won’t be able to play. this is bs

  • Developer

    Quote from our store provider:

    They are live now. If a customer who is missing a Steam key goes to
    their download page and clicks the redeem Steam key button, it should
    work (previously it would return an error, if the key stocks were

    Sorry for the delays guys, go get em!

  • Okay that’s great. Thank you!

  • is there still a way for us to buy instant access? I emailed someone earlier today, but I assume I missed the window now?


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