MOD/DLC ideas

  • I have this great idea tumbling around my mind for a mod or DLC that adds new Asian themed maps, classes, weapons, etc. to chivalry. The way this could be done without destroying lore is on the new maps the factions are changed from Agatha/mason to Japanese and Chinese factions. the reasoning behind this is to explain for change of scenery, class and weapon changes. I have no idea if this can actually be done but i think it would be great if it could, so if anyone could tell me if this could be done that would be great.

    P.S. kept it brief so not to bore anyone

  • There is this: … he-samurai

    It used to be a full conversion mod for Chivalry, called Bushido: Feudal Warfare. But then they decided they wanted to take it further, to make an entire game out of it, and it got renamed Bushido: Legend of the Samurai. Looks like it’s gonna be awesome!

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