Adjustments to parries

  • Let me preface this by saying I fully advocate feinting and dragging. This is just some random thoughts I’m having.

    Let us keep our parries up for as long as we want. Limit the turn speed while parrying, to about 40-55% faster (could be adjusted, I just want it slow enough that feinting and dragging can still get ‘around’ parries, but fast enough that a skilled player can see a feint or drag and react accordingly) than the limit placed during swinging.

    For non-dagger weapons: Keeping your parry up past 0.9 seconds (I believe that’s how long a parry currently lasts) increases stamina drain taken from the next successful parry. To prevent cases where a player will hold up a parry, then suddenly put down the parry then back up to avoid the higher stamina drain, there will be a short cooldown (about 0.4s) where, during that time, even if you let down your parry then put it back up, you’ll still take the bigger stamina hit. The stamina increase can and will go all the way to the point where blocking a dagger with a maul will completely drain you (it’ll take like 5-10 seconds to get there, though). Obviously no stamina regen during parry.

    For dagger weapons: Give them smaller parry hitboxes (Don’t different weapons already have different parry hitboxes?) that make them harder to block larger weapons with (unless you’re really good)

    What will drags be used for now?! They’ll be USELESS!
    Not so! Because extending your parry uses more stamina to successfully parry, dragging will put you at a stamina advantage, and youl’ll still be able to drag your swings around parries (e.g. stabs)

    And feints? What the shit will I do with those?
    Since feints use stamina, they won’t be used for getting the advantage there, but they’ll do a much better job at getting ‘around’ parries. Just like in real life, you’ll start a swing windup, but come in from a different angle. For example, you can start an overhead, feint, then go for a stab, or a slash attack. Experienced and/or alert players will recognize the feint early enough to move their parry, but if you notice it too late, you’re gonna get hit.

    Anyways, this is just my late night thoughts. I know this probably sounds dumb and not balanced at all, but I might as well post it!

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