Rework Throwing Weapons

  • They’re pretty unsatisfying to use at the moment, nice enough when they hit home, but they don’t feel especially badass.

    So! Changes that could be made in the name of almighty fun.

    FIGHTING: Rework the throw so it starts out as a melee strike, with tracers, and then changes to a thrown object once it’s left strike range. At the moment hitting someone with a throw at point blank feels super off with the almost hitscan nature, when really it should be no different to hitting someone with a hand weapon.


    Swings can be blocked, and these close range throws should be as blockable, resulting in a deflection. Someone chucks a javelin or axe at you from that close, you can get behind it and smack it away, disarming your opponent, because…

    NO AUTOMATIC RELOAD: Throwing a weapon leaves you with empty hands, you draw the next one yourself by pressing the weapon key again, which you’ll want to do because…

    MORE FIGHTING: Axes and Knives should have melee options. They’re melee weapons; a hatchet and a throwing axe even look alike. You can block, overhead, thrust and kick with any throwing weapon, not just the javelin. I want to be able to block a strike, kick someone away and lob an axe into his dome. And in the game.

    Other players need to know if you’ve got throwing weapons, so:

    EQUIPMENT: Make it so you can not just see throwing weapons on the belt, but how many they’ve got left.

    GETTING THEM BACK: Getting your weapons out of a corpse should be an active process. Other players need to know if you’ve got them, so stand near the wall/floor/body and press E, and the player will switch to the weapon they’ve just collected. Add a gruesome pick up noise for getting them out of bodies because why not. This will be extra awesome because…

    HEY, THAT’S MY AXE: You can now grab any throwing weapon in the game and throw it. You can only keep it on your belt if it’s your type, but any class can grab the throwing axe that just embedded itself into a post and lob it back. You’ll have to think twice about throwing stuff at the enemy now, because anything that misses is just more ammo for the enemy. You can’t collect weapons from live targets, friend or foe. Shields, maybe. But not your own. Possible exception for javelins here, although seeing a knight throw one would be hilarious.

    That’s all for now. I think I’ve forgotten a few things.

  • AHA!

    I’ve got it. By jove I’ve got it.

    After some 5,899 javelin throws I’ve finally worked out what’s wrong with it, the difference between how my pitiful human brain and a billion years of evolution thinks thrown objects behave, and how 15 years of the unreal engine dictates the game actually works.

    When you throw something, the trajectory of the thing is dictated by the entire throw, the route your hand takes as a whole. In chiv, it’s purely where you’re looking at a certain point on the throw and any movement during release is ignored. The Javelin doesn’t follow the arm, but the eyes.

    How this behaviour comes out in the game is you’ll watch your target, start to throw your javelin and then try to correct so that it lands in the right place. How this correction behaves, to me at least, is to whip the view during the throw to try to correct it, just as I would with a real throw. Despite 5,899 examples that it Does Not Work That Way.

    Some sort of tracer that followed the throw, the way melee strikes have, and then chose the trajectory based on it once it’s left the hand, would go a long way to fixing the feel of the javelin as a thrown weapon. I imagine this also applies to knives and axes, but their throw seems shorter so it isn’t so noticable.

    If you think this would make things harder to hit with the javelin, then it isn’t really so. Your brain is a magic physics machine, and the closer the game gets to reality the better you’ll be at putting the spear exactly where you want it. You’ll be a regular Tom Hanks in Cast Away. (Brains aren’t so good at coming up with timely references, it’s a relatively recent demand on evolution).

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