[CGU] Crimson Guards United

  • Crimson Guards United History (were we began) :

    In 2003 a small group of friends founded CG to play casually and focus our time on one game. It soon took off into more then one game and developed into what we now call “Crimson Guards United” gaming. PlanetSide 2 was chosen for its massive fps addictive game play and as of right now we have been openly recruiting on Waterson US East server.

    Crimson Guards United Gaming Recruitment :

    So, now we’ve opened up to MULTIPLE divisions within our community. We range from Planetside to World of Warcraft and now we are currently looking to open up a new division for Chivalry. One of our members sparked a interest in this game and now its up and its going. We are currently signed up in a league and will still be and ARE looking for members. If your are interested in the slightest just send Cheesy a PM over the Chivalry forum or contact him through Steam: [CGU]Cheesy™.

    Other Divisions CGU Games on :

    We are also currently playing on GW2, League of legends, Minecraft, World Of Warcraft, Smite and others as well. For every game we play on we make it our mission to unite our fellow crimson guards of gaming.

    For more information please visit our website http://www.cgunited.net

    If you have any further questions please feel free to contact these IGN(s) :

    More Contact Information :

    Ventrilo : cgunited.typefrag.com Port : 5935
    RaidCall : ID : 5383646
    E-mail : cgunitedgaming@gmail.com

  • Hi,

    I am a global leader of this community. One thing I’d like to say to the Chivalry group is, I am proud things are picking up so fast and we are on our way to accomplish things so soon. I know each of these members of CGU and I know they will do great things with this game.

    The only other thing I need to say is if your looking for a motivated core group they also has tons of fun then you need to join this community.

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