[MAA] Mirror Matches?

  • I’m finding that against good MAAs, fights tend to favor the defender. So there’s often a situation where two MAAs end up shadowboxing each other, throwing feints and weaving around looking for an opening. The first man to make a move often finds himself truly on the defensive very quickly, as he almost always opens with an attack that gets dodged. This makes MAA fights often take a very long time and even against high ranked MAAs I find myself staring at them for minutes until somebody loses their patience.

    MAA strategy vs knights, vanguards and archers is quite clearly laid out but against other MAAs I’ve always found the experience much more varied because both parties have dodge.

    What are some techniques you guys have found effective against other MAAs and ways you have made fights go by faster?

  • I call it C dodge. Because you dodge in the shape of a C.

    For example, Dodge side ways but turn your mouse. if they stab, dodge to your right and keep the camera facing them. you will start to C dodge, which puts you almost behind your opponent with the option to strike again.

    Opponents overheads, generally good to dodge left.
    Becareful of people that drag their mouse. Dodging can be fatal.

    For me, MAA mirrors, comes down to reaction and ability to dodge. I’ve faced many MAA’s who just cant hit me,

    Attack dodge attack dodge, rarely any blocking(as i use a shield).

  • You have to know your opponent well. It is all about mindgames.

    Eventually I’ll come back to this thread and post something more worthy, but long story short – It is definitely heavily dependent on mindgames.

  • I find that in MAA v MAA the better side dodger typically wins. This, in my opinion would be the thing that will give you the biggest edge in mirror matches. And is the most important thing to learn for this matchup.

    Asides from that, here are some random thoughts:

    If you manage to get a hit in, don’t let the other MAA dodge out and reset the fight.
    If you get hit, try to do just that. Dodge out and create space to reset the fight.

    Also, I think that rather than thinking of it as “fights favor the defensive MAA”, it’s better to think of it as the MAA who commits the least.

    Here are some more aggressive things you can try:

    As you might imagine, MAA v MAA can get really tense. People get a tad bit jumpier. You can use this to your advantage. Just do the old forward dodge fakeout. Dodge forward and wait for a parry or a dodge. If he parries, immediately attack. If he dodges, run forward after him and wait for a parry, or try an attack once you get in range. ALWAYS be ready to parry for yourself at all times.

    Simply running at the enemy can force him to dodge. You’ll simply keep running forward and attack after the dodge. He shouldn’t have time to dodge again, and he might fumble his parry this way. Once again, be prepared to parry or dodge for yourself at all times.

    Using those two things together, another option is to force him to keep pointlessly dodging until he runs out of Stamina, then putting a lot of pressure on him.

  • Another thing to add is,

    After you have successfully blocked or parry, watch if the other MAA dodges back or so.

    If they do dodge back just keep running at him and stab, meaning that they have used quite a lot of stamina, Dodge+parry or block.

    Becareful as well as some maas dodge back and attack again which may catch you.

    All mind games.

  • :o This post is so great and nice 8-)

    After you have successfully blocked or parry, watch if the other MAA dodges back or so.

    If they do dodge back just keep running at him and stab, meaning that they have used quite a lot of stamina, Dodge+parry or block.

    1. All about the initiation:

    Let’s look over some steps for the initiation. This will probably be the most time consuming aspect here when trying to read for an opening. MAA mirror match is often a stalemate for this very reason, especially when the clock is ticking for TO matches (in which case is more advantageous for the current defender of a situation).

    The one who dodges first is usually the one who is behind. – Think about it. Dodge costs 15 stamina. A missed attack costs 10 stamina (with 1-handers). Hell, even parrying costs around 5 stamina. Because of this, try to be the one to attack first or bait an attack so that the enemy will miss the attack.

    Against frequent side dodgers – use horizontals. Alt-swing will be your best bet, because they will dodge right into a swing, since dodging to YOUR right is a lot more risky due to the way people do stab attacks. Be prepared for the enemy to choose to dodge to YOUR left more often than right. Pre-emptively turning your stab left after you show it is a great way to catch a side-dodger off guard.

    Against frequent back dodgers – keep chasing. A lot of amateur MAA will back-dodge immediately after being parried or after a strike. In this case, do not attempt a riposte, and keep running forward and go for a stab. If timed perfectly, the enemy should not be able to trade hits on the follow-up after he dodges backwards. >> Alternatively, after you parry an attack, immediately dodge-forward and attack to stay in close proximity to him. This can catch people off guard.

    Attempt more parries than dodges, but make sure they aren’t panic-parries. This will keep you ahead in the stamina war. Don’t be afraid to feint. Practice reflexively dodging when you see a feint. Mindgames, Mindgames, Mindgames.

    One of my prime mindgames is to attack just before the enemy is attempting to attack. Think of it as a pseudo hit-trade. When do I think the enemy will get the brain impulse to begin an attack? I want to begin my attack ~50-75ms before that impulse happens. Think of ways to get your opponent to do this; the way I usually do it is by just standing still mid-combo. The goal is to interrupt the enemy attack.

    I’ve only scratched the surface. There is plenty more stuff that can happen, and mostly comes from experience. I might add more when I have the time. Feel free for others to add on as well.

    (ugh lists wont work, so this looks messy)

  • wow nova, this is looks like interesting shit. i appreciate you taking the time to write this post. ill give it a readover in the AM

  • I kinda rushed through it. I just type as I think.

    Also remember with broadsword. You need 1 swing/stab and 1 overhead to kill a MAA.

    But if you land a headshot with any strike, you can combo with any other strike anywhere (except legs).

  • Do you ever duck? Or matrix?

  • rarely, but I do sometimes do it.

    I use matrix more often as a vang or knight.

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