Peasant slaughter GAMEMODE

  • Peasant slaughter GAMEMODE

    All except one player starts out as peasant ( peasant skin if possible) with no possible to fistfight

    ( or very much reduced)

    he starts out as Vanguard with a Schweihander.

    Every peasant that gets slaughtered becomes a vanguard.

    score is based on survival time.
    dont know the end of it.

    ( idea is based on Alien vs predator gamemode)

  • Interesting idea, however you’d have to tweak the catch up speeds - a vanguard can catch up on another player eventually but if they’re trying to avoid a fight they can often keep out of the way for a while. The only way to do it would be to make the van faster (or peasants slower).

    Interesting concept… although i suspect it might be a game of epic frustration :)

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