[IN PROGRESS] Treetag Game mode.

  • I’m working on a kick ass game mode, that will hopefully become popular in the community.
    For all those that loved the Warcraft tree tag, be pleased to know im making my own custom game mode and map to go along with it.
    The game mode will consist of two teams, one being the Forest Dwellers the other team Romans.
    (i thought instead of making custom characters and animations it would be easier to just work with what torn banner have already given us) The roman’s get one man on their team for every 7 forest dwellers.
    The roman’s will have 60 second res-pawn timers, and the forest dwellers will have one life each.
    Once a forest dweller dies he will be given the option to re-spawn as roman or quit. (spectating and forest dweller disabled)
    The Forest dwellers will be wearing green camouflaged gear and will have normal stats.
    They will only be able to choose from weaker stealthier weapons, and all ranged weapons.
    A few spells will be available for the hippies, and they will also have the ability to buy things for points.

    The Romans will be in Roman legion colours, they will have choice from any gear (assuming its not a ranged weapon) And will have double stats and 10 percent speed bonus.

    As the Romans kill more hippies they will also become stronger, for every kill they obtain they are allowed to choose one new skill.
    These skills will scale up each time you put a point into one just like in Warcraft.

    Some roman skills include , firepot , smoke screen (bigger longer smoke pot)
    and devour tree.

    The reason I’m not making it compatible with any map is because it will obviously require custom interactions with the assets, and a new function, plus completely new level layouts to make it fun.

    The only Choices i really have developing this is weather or not i want to make a map last 30 minutes as the limit or one hour. One hour probably seems more suitable considering real tree tag games were about that in length.

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