Bigg Brother Bot and FFA

  • We’ve got B3 running on one of our servers and seems to be going reasonably well after a bit of tweaking (for TO mode) however after a server restart we switched to FFA and with everyone appearing on ‘blue’ team B3 decided to count every kill as team damage and did the appropriate kicking

    Apologies to the one guy last night that got booted before we could turn it off :P

    Am having a look to see if I can modify to disable the TK plugin on FFA rounds, but thought I’d mention it in case anyone is running B3/FFA on their rotations.


  • Thanks for the info. My server is currently running all the TDM maps, and one FFA (Arena).

    What did you tweak in the TK plug-in for TO mode? I disabled the plug-in after running it for a while, but did take a look at the config file and it looked like there were min and max values for TK points approved before auto-kick.

    I want to try to get this dialed in for the TDM maps. When I had it enabled by default it was slanging warnings all over the place. There’s a lot of splash melee damage in Chiv, much more so than a shooter, and I really want to get it tweaked to where it will autoboot the obvious TKers.

  • I personally removed the TK plugin, as chiv is a very TK-unfriendly game. Accidents happen open, and I knew letting that plugin run would NOT be a good idea.

    Also, XLRstats has an issue with tracking FFA kills as TKs. So people who play FFA maps on my server have their XLRstats botched.

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