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  • Hi guys

    I had a search and found one guy kind of talking my language (cant find the post). Duel mode is fine, but the only problem is I dont want to WIN duels I want to practice, so when I die I want to jump straight back into the action, not have to wait around and wait even longer for matchups to reset.

    Its also annoying (like the guy pointed out) to test units and just have terrible scores even when you dont want to win. It’d be awesome to have a casual mode where score means nothing and you can kill and die as quickly and as often as you like. Just when I die I like to be able to go straight away to fight the person who killed me so I can learn more quickly.

    By the way score isnt a huge issue its just a bit annoying to be publicly pummeled when you are trying a new class, weapon or tactic etc. I’d like to know people sthoughts!

  • Duel mode has some serious flaws but until modding tools comes out there is nothing we can do about it.

  • if you want to practice why not just use the create game and have a match full of bots?

    and the best type of practice is probably a small game with few people for last man standing, team objective, FFA, or team deathmatch. its less chaotic and every move counts.

  • Yeah, I thought about this too. A sparring mode with blunt weapons for training. If your health is <= 0 a point is awarded to the “killer” but you don’t die, both opponents health simply resets to 100 and you can go on.

  • Yeah I know cant do anything now thats why its in suggestions. And yes I totally agree with blunt weapons, I dont want to play against bots becuase I would end up with scores like 30-1 without allies so not helpful lol, bots are bad. I need to play people better than me but dont need the world to see me get smashed OR want to wait around for fights to finish or bring shuffeled to different fights. Anyway could be a branch of duel mode, then I can test all manner of things!
    Fvon b sparring is also a better word to use I agree with that too :)

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