Shield doesn't appear on back as a knight.

  • So to keep it as short and sweet as possible, when I choose my loadout (Longsword, broadsword, tower shield) the shield appears on my back when I spawn. When I choose a Kite shield, when I spawn there’s no shield on my back. I can switch to my secondary and the shield will materialize out of nothing, but switching back to primary will make the shield disappear again(only happens with kite shield). Anyone else with a similar problem? I’d prefer to use the Kite shield as it shows my full customization.

    edit: A friend of mine tested, happens to him as well. Thinking it has something to do with customization? I tried throwing a throwing knife at his back, maybe thinking that the shield is there, but just doesn’t appear to be, but the knife hit him, so the shield definitely is not there when it should be.

  • This bug has been ever present for some time now. I don’t think TBS cares.

  • Damn that’s unfortunate. I guess I never noticed before because the first time I used a Kite Shield was when customization came out, because the Kite Shield shows the full design, while the Tower Shield just uses a smaller version of it. Well hopefully someone from TBS sees this. Surprised it’s slipped through the cracks for so long.

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