To fix the server browser once and for all!

  • First of all, please remove the whole save and load filter stuff. It seems pointless. Why doesn’t it save on the last thing filtered? The reset filters is always useful so that should stay. You can only save it once, so why does it need to be saved? I guess if you really want to keep it for convenience, so be it, then just continue to the next suggestion - paragraph.

    Filters should not stick and copy over to other tabs when tabbing, such as history, favourites and friends. So for example, when I filter to Team Objectives, I don’t want to then have that filter also preset for when I’m on the friends tab or history tab, this way I can have different filters on different tabs! Find my friends really quickly, see my all my favourites without messing with filters constantly.

    Final fix, maybe worth having the filter stuff up top so it’s clear when there’s a filter set.

    I just don’t understand why the server browser is so complicated to fix. This is what’s annoying people, in my opinion. I believe people forget filters are set, so they keep refreshing then realize their filter is causing the unwanted result and so they fix their filters and just refresh again. This added time just makes the browser feel bulky and troublesome.

    Lastly, when the browser is searching, please have it clearly say “Searching” inside the actual browser as one of the rows, rather than on the corner, so people don’t spam refresh and keep resetting the search.

    your sincerely,
    678 hours played.

  • Can see your point but I guess if you cant save that means you might use a certain filtrr 9/10 but the 10th time you may want something different, so having to change your filter back to ‘default’ again might be annoying. The key thing id change over filters is auto rejoin PLEASE makes it so much easier to get into a popular packed server

  • I wish everyone would sort their servers by ping…

  • i use save filters but i stick with ones that i want all the time, and i can change them as neccessary… for instance i always search for servers with <100 ping. I hide passworded and empty servers as well. Plus, i always check the box for VAC servers, although who knows with that one.

  • All I need is to climate ping tab at the too and look at all the servers with players under 100 ping.

    Playing around with other filters takes more time anyway. They really are not needed.

    Your eyes are better than filters.

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