Stuck on rank

  • .ini file is not keeping track of my kills or something?
    I’ve been suck on rank 29 for over a month now, and it’s not that I don’t have enough kills. From some of my screenshots alone I’ve racked up enough kills to be on my way to 40 ( all screenshots are while rank 29 ). Also I play on official servers and different modes. It’s obviously something that’s wrong.
    I’ve emailed kimiko (sp?) and TBS, also posted on FB with no replies.

    Hoping for a solution,

  • Would you also mind telling us how many hours you have in the game as well.

  • 135 it says. I’m sure I’ve had thousands of kills over the last month as I’ve played loads of FFA and TDM.
    Idk what could be causing it. I did edit some .ini file a while back to fix something that would supposedly help my fps (something to do with sounds if I remember correctly). Could that have something to do with it?

  • I was playing Sunday, and it says that I ranked twice. then i’m still suck on 28 lol.

  • A hotfix went out today that fix your issue. Full details here:

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