Endless walking to the left / panning the camera left [BUG]

  • For some reason whenever I try to play chivalry after the update my character will NOT stop walking to the left, same applies to the camera in spectator mode.

    I’ve tried resetting my bindings and that has not remedied the problem.

    Then, I tried turning off my keyboard/mouse to see if it was the problem and sure enough it wasn’t.

    Then, deleted the Chivalry Medieval Warfare file in /mygames/ and allowed it to be replaced by the next launch of the game and that has not remedied the problem.

    Then, I verified the game cache via steam and that has not remedied the problem.

    THEN, I uninstalled and reinstalled and THAT HAS NOT REMEDIED THE PROBLEM.

    What in the fuck happened over the course of the latest update(s) to cause this?

    I have over 525 hours and I’ve never encountered this problem once.
    Torn Banner stop fucking around with your shit after shit update and focus on what needs to be done BUGFIXING.

  • Do you have any other devices plugged in? (controllers are the usual culprit on this)

  • Thank you for your reply, yes the cuprit was my xbox 360 controller.
    Speaking of controllers, is TBS ever going to expand on controller support for chivalry?
    I don’t personally use it but I have friends that prefer using a controller for FPS games.
    Surely adding the option to keybind your controller in the options shouldn’t be too difficult a task?

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