Team Creation and Ranked Mode Idea.

  • I have two ideas i’d like to share with you guys.
    First, even if i’m pretty sure this idea has been said multiple times by others user(s), there should be a Team creation system in this game, this feature would allow you to create a team with specific banners and colors, Let’s face it, theres already alot of clans out there for this game, and this game has great potential, this should definately be a most-have feature, the ranked mode would be a simple LTS mode with stats, you would have to be on a team to join a “Ranked LTS Server” they’d have a max of ten players so 2vs2 to 5vs5 would be possible in Arena and others maps. With the ranked lts server feature which should be hosted by Tornbanner in my opinion, a hall of fames with best players and clan/team should also be included

  • Great idea, would be cool to join with your team colours exactly as you want them, not sure of logistics but would be awesome for clans.

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