Duel server frustration fix

  • Hello there,

    Before i start complaining i want to support the whole dev deam! Awesome game, and cool DLC seems to be coming!

    Now to the point. Most of all i like duel servers, this tension rising there is above normal :D The problem is that it gets ruined quite often. Let me explain the situatsion, imagine a normal duel server with 15 players in it.
    lvl 40… 3x
    lvl 30… 4x
    lvl 20… 6x
    lvl 10… 2x

    Me, as a lvl 20, get quite many good matches until to the point where i am against lvl 40 …aaand bang dead, okay 1 match, not too bad, i understand i have to face them up at some point. Next match another lvl 40, and im dead. Then oh lvl 20, we are having a nice fight, he wins, i dont mind. After that again lvl 40- instant death, starting to wonder what the heck is going on. Pressing tab and oh well, as you imagine, the skill lvl is just that different.
    First guy 17 kills 0 deaths, second 14-0, third 13-2. Fine, i understand, lets move on, another server please-> Lvls are mixed up, not too many this or that. Every third seems to be ca lvl 40. In there every third match is a loss (lets say 95% of times). And this is the thing which gives me frustration. You might think that is just a one time thing but no, i have 100h of just duels behind me, belive its all the same.

    *Press f10? Okay, fine, not too much wasted time, but its still a defeat-> morally really annoying.
    *Just challenge if you dont want to play with everybody? Well most of the time you wont end up being matched with anyone then…
    *Train more you noob / Man up bitch. Yes i want to, but the fact that 1/3 of the small amount of time i have for games, is taken by easy kills against me forces to close the game.
    *Find better servers? Not that easy, either they always have high lvls or the ping gets enormous.

    Fix? Quite many options

    1. Checkmark to people on the list that i could avoid being matched up.
    2. Not to match up high lvls with low lvls.
    3. Give option: do you want to into battle with this guy? Yes/No.
      Or perhaps something better.

    And i know that im not alone here, its a common theme to talk about in “all chat”. Even i have caused the same situatsion where a low lvl quits instantly after unable to land ANY hits on me. Its a game where your skill counts. Every other game has some-kind-of categorization, why cant this one have?
    I kind a see this would remove quite alot rage from the game which eventually leads into more friendly and bigger community.

    Let me know what you think.

    TL;DR - Game being exremely unfriendly for beginners.

  • If I fight a level <30, and notice they’re not exactly up to par with my skill level (a rank 40), I play more defensively and intentionally (or is it unintentional? :lol:) open myself up for attack every now and then. You know, let them practice a little more.

    Or I just beat the living shit out of them and tell them what I did. Some of them go “That’s bullshit, this game sucks… allowing exploits like that” but others are actually interested and want to learn.

    Anyways, duel mode already has “Choose opponent”, although not a lot of people use that, so you’ll be hard pressed to find a match, unless challenging someone in the pool from the duel menu will cause said person in the pool to be matched up, even though you’re not in the pool.

    I would like a smarter pool though, that picks people based on their duel history and rank.

  • Another good way to learn to fight- is by playing on a “old duel” server. Some servers have people that dont know its duels but if u find a server with active admins that will kick those who doesnt play duels, You will much faster become a better player. Also- You can choose exacly what player you want to fight- ingame. No need for a randomly selected opponent.

    // Count Duckalot

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