Reward the righteous

  • I dont know if this has been mentioned before, and im sorry if it has, but i would like to know what kind of scoring system this game will have? Currently in Age of Chivalry, the scoring system favour those who focus on mindless killing rather than those who do objectives. An example of this is my most recent AOC round on Helms deep, where i pushed the siege tower, the cart, the ram, rammed the gate, captured one of the towers all by myself, yet on the scoreboard i was on last place!

    It may be insignificant numbers on a screen for some, but i for one, and probably many others like to feel that our efforts are being rewarded even though we might not be baddest killers in the bunch.

  • Developer

    Objectives will definitely award points in the new game. We started to include some of this in aoc already but it will be included much more completed in Chivalry.

  • Thats great to hear. :D So many games are doing this already so it would weird if CBA didnt do the same. :mrgreen:

  • Either way, this game is looking fantastic. But I am glad you made a note of this, congrats on taking helms deep technically by your self.

  • I’d like to have some scoreboard options. Simple stuff like only show me, only show my team, only show the enemy team. Show top five k/d of both teams, show top five objective points… Etc.

    Objectives are alright for clan wars, but in public play they’re just pretty annoying. You finally get decent teams or people you want to kill, then all of a sudden one n00b will do the objective so fast it’s all over with.

    Which brings up the point of more begin round options, rounds, and change sides, etc…

  • There’s definitely more to games like this than killing your enemies. There are many ways to contribute to your team. I hope the default scoreboard isn’t just a K/D list, because I really think that standard is what has led many players down the negative path of e-peenery.
    Scoreboard options would be slick.

  • That was friggin hard fight, good job!

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