Knights- buckler/heater?

  • Hi!
    This is my first post and i don’t really know where to write it, but i think this might do :)

    I think that the flail needs a buff- not the flail itself but the shield. Buckler is extremely hard to use and for me, its full of bugs. It doesn’t matter where i aim, sometimes i cant block. Therefor i suggest that they should replace the buckler with heatershield (only for the knight with flail) for a much more effective gameplay. Flail is a really good weapon but its underused because of the buckler who makes it almost impossible to block properly with. I don’t know what you guys think of that, but for me- its very important since i like to play with the flail but the shield start to get on my nerves.

    Other opinions and answers are appreciated. :)

    //Count Duckalot

  • You will find MANY here that will suppord this idea. In fact there is a quite the thread about it.

    I for one would love to see the heater as option for the knight. And not only for flail.

  • The flail buckler is just horrible compared to the buckler the archer and MAA uses.

    They need to change the flail buckler to those bucklers. So it can actually block things.

    I have no trouble using the archer or MAA buckler. But the knight buckler just sucks.

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