B3 crashing server on round change

  • Hi all,

    Just thought I’d mention we are currently having problems with our B3 setup: everything configures fine on a windows box, phpmyadmin, mysql56, apache, B3 and Echelon.

    B3 runs fine and does what it’s supposed to, however we find that between round it tends to crash the game server. (every few rounds typically), even with minimal plugins loaded.

    Logs in both b3 and the server show nothing (apart from many setsoundmode errors that TB already know about), both logs stopping dead when the server crashes.

    The only other thing I’ve found in relation to B3 is that too many rcon commands and possibly rcon commands being sent while the server is in map transition are causing the game server to crash.

    Aside from a bit more testing =SM= are planning on deactivating B3 on our servers, however wondered if anyone had come across this and had a workaround and if not wanted to advise people wariness of using B3 if they don’t want their servers crashing all day :P

  • which is exactly why i havent ran it yet, their stuff just isnt stable enough to go through the hassle of installing and learning all that bbb crap when it crashes enough as it is with out any of that stuff.

    the server crashes just as much as before the modding files were removed from our reach, and all the inconsitencies that suposedly came from those files are still there too.

    so we might as well just be able to mod if we want to, obviously its caused sumthing else and nothing to do with those so called " inconsitency modding fles"

    put them back in coach, their ready to play!

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