Chivalry Newsletter #4 - July/August 2013

  • Hello everyone and welcome to our bi-monthly newsletter!


    Our Friday Updates have been a huge success, so with that, here are the most recent ones since the last newsletter, with key elements of each:

    1 Million Copies Sold!

    If you missed the announcement in our last live update, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has sold over 1.2 million copies! Thank you to everyone for your support!

    In celebration, we have brought customization into the game. Hundreds of color combinations and emblems to choose from, new ranked helmets and patterns! We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

    In addition we also have some really cool DLC helmets! Look for these new helmets in the customization menu of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare! Those of you who would like to support us further or just love cosmetic items can purchase them if you would like!

    Here’s a sample of the new helmets. You can check out all of the pictures here!

    Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior

    Our latest big announcement is our expansion game, Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior! Six of the deadliest warriors from throughout the ages are chosen, so you can decide once and for all who is deadliest!

    Find out more on our teaser site:

    **Meet Torn Banner:

    This time, we’re going to be doing something a little bit different. There will be one question asked of Torn Banner and each person on the team will give their answer. This is more of a general question that everyone can answer. If you’d like to ask a question for the next newsletter, feel free to post it below! (This is a two-part question).

    "When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you expect to be working in a game company?"

    • Steve: Growing up I changed my mind a few times, but I spent most of my young young years dreaming about being a knight. That wasn’t the most realistic thing so my dad starting teaching me banking with gi-joes and other action figures. Perhaps as a result I knew from a very young age that I wanted to pursue a job in business, and hopefully not have anyone else telling me what to do. Although I have always loved games I never really considered a career in video games until I got involved in the Age of Chivalry (HL2 Mod) project - but I am now very happy I did!

    • Buckley: I wanted to be a fighter pilot, or a priest or a politician. Now I’m an agnostic pacifist who prefers not to engage in politics beyond a personal level. I did not expect to be working at a game company. I expected to be doing menial jobs, barely getting by whilst playing in bands at dive bars.

    • Brady: I wanted to be a different thing every other week, I probably can’t even remember most of them.
      No, I didn’t expect to be working in a game company. I didn’t seriously think about getting into game development until I managed to get a co-op position at EA Canada during University and found that I enjoyed it.

    • Pavlo: IIRC my first dream job was either an inventor or a painter. I decided that game programming was cool when I first played Doom, and by then I could program, so I did have some expectations.

    • Kevin: _When I was a young Warthog…I mean child, I had a lot of job ideas, pilot, policeman, and professional hockey player. These job ideas changed overtime to include more computer related jobs like video game programmer.

      So to answer the second part, I hoped to become a video game programmer but didn’t think it was quite possible. I imagined that only the greatest and most intelligent people could become video game programmers and that I would not be in their class. I don’t think I am in that class yet, but at least I sit near a bunch of them._

    • Tim: I wanted to be a game developer more than anything else. I learned to program in high school and I would make games in my spare time. It was just a hobby of mine throughout high school and university. Eventually I got good enough that I could get a job doing it.

    • Rich: I always loved drawing, when I was very young I used to draw on the floor in the house all the time with chalk. (we had cement floors at my grandparents’ home) I use to fill up the whole room with my silly pictures. I grow up with the usual boyish dreams of becoming a soldier, police or a pilot… Around the age of 13-14 I started to really take art more seriously, that’s when I first played Baldur’s Gate by Bioware. It was the first RPG game that inspired me in to the whole medieval and fantasy art. Since then I knew I wanted to work in the game industry. I was lucky because I always knew exactly what I wanted to do throughout school and my parents always supported me. I did expect to work in a game company, though been a pilot is still not out the question.

    • Rasmus: I wanted to be an architect and an industrial designer and now i kind of have the opportunity to do both. Even though i played a ton of games and had already started my path toward becoming a 3d artist it didn’t occur to me games is what i really wanted to do for a long time.

    • Tyler: When I was a wee lad I wanted to be a fighter pilot and fly CF-18s. They’re so loud and fast and awesome! I guess I never really grew out of thinking that jets are super cool. I never thought of working on video games until I started getting into modding Battlefield in high school.

    • Lucas: _My youngest memories are of playing games. They have always been a very large part of my life and how my brothers would spend our time together. I had dreamed of making my own games when I was younger, but never really thought about how I’d do it, or what aspect of games I wanted to specialize in. However, when I set my mind to do something, I get it done.

      I’ve always had a strong work ethic from a young age, and have worked enough shit jobs to know exactly what I didn’t want to do with my life. Because of those times pushing lawn-mowers and washing dishes, it pushed me into pursuing my passion. I just couldn’t imagine myself being happy in any other job, so I did everything I could to work a job that I absolutely love.

    • Dylan: When I was young I wanted to be a jet pilot until I was about 16, after that I thought I wanted to be an actor, eventually I realized that drawing made me happier than anything else in my life. From there I got into concept art and eventually fell into 3D modeling. Considering my other choices I guess I did expect to end up doing something like this.

    • Andrew: _When I was a child, I wanted to be a pilot. I was fascinated with planes. I really enjoyed air shows like the Blue Angels, and was sparked by media such as the Macross Saga(Robotech) and Independence Day.

      I always played video games, but never actually thought I could make a living out of it at the time. As I grew older, I got hooked on the magazine EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly.) They would always visit game studios and publish articles about the people behind the games.

      The more I read about the industry, the more I wanted to be a part of it. I feel extremely fortunate to be with Torn Banner Studios, I would not trade it for any game company in the world. As independent developers, we can create what we want to work on. Games that we are excited to play._

    • Brandon: As a kid, I thought I’d be an illustrator because I’d always wanted to transport the natural beauty of the world onto a page and allow people to explore places they could never never actually go to. As I grew older, I found games to be the perfect medium for this passion.

    • Darin: _ I wanted to be a dentist for some reason, until I realized I had to actually be good at school to accomplish that. I didn’t expect to be working at a gaming company. I got into my first gaming job because everyone else in my class turned it down._

    • Andrew (SlyGoat): When i was a child I wanted to be a chef. Working in the gaming industry never really crossed my mind until my late teens/early 20s.

    • Kimiko: _I have always wanted to work with animals. When I was a child, becoming a Veterinarian was a dream, but alas, I am way too emotional when it comes to animals, so I probably wouldn’t be able to do it. I did volunteer at a humane society when I was in high school and that was an enjoyable experience. I know one day I will become a crazy old cat lady!

      My other passion is gaming. I was a fan of Age of Chivalry and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare first before joining the team. I feel really blessed and am happy to be a part of Torn Banner. I love what I do and will keep on doing it!_

    Clan Spotlight:

    We didn’t get a chance to do the Clan Spotlight in the last newsletter, so here we have the North American clan Legion (Lg). Enjoy!

    Hi, my name is Michael ( aka Legion ) talking about the team I made…. Called Legion.

    **What advice can you give to those who would like to start up their own clan?
    Patience is everything when it comes to growth. You can’t rush it and start adding every person you see if you want to make a healthy group of friends, or a good team… Having a good judge of character is very important because before you know it your group will end up growing more than you expected, and you want to make sure every member is a person that you, and everyone else will get along with. Obviously it won’t always work out perfect, however, make sure you never rush it… The teams that start the fastest die the fastest.

    **How do you go about choosing members for your clan?
    This is a great question, because in the early stages of the team, I didn’t really understand the whole patience thing I preach, so I just started adding anyone who seemed to have skill; granted we didn’t even have a voip ( which is highly recommended for team development, and communication ). So I never really worried about the whole " would I like this person? " aspect of things. Luckily things didn’t work out too bad when the voice communication was introduced. Everyone seemed to get along alright, but you soon realise there is no way to have a good team without getting along with each other. So now, we have people hang out with us quite a bit before we even tag them up as a recruit. Then after at least a 2 week trial period, we then tag them as a full member.

    **What is your motivation for having a clan/being in clan?
    Having an awesome group of friends, and a good team is enough motivation.

    **What is your view of the competitive scene as it is now and what direction would you like to see it take in the future?
    Right now the competitive scene is being held up by the competitive scene solely. By that I mean all of the tournaments are funded by the people who enter them, and all of the matches are honor based. Mainly the game’s major changes it constantly goes through should be consulted by the community that knows the mechanics in and out ( the competitive scene ), instead of the casual base that seems to be getting most of the say, and there are still a few game breaking bugs that makes it hard to stick to a strict comp diet.

    **Which clan (out of the NA scene) would you say is the strongest at the moment (and yes, you can include yourselves).
    I would have to say at the moment there really is no strongest team, not to sound cliche. Each team I can think of bolsters different traits, and reasons they have a chance at winning. However, there are a few power houses that we will be looking forward to facing the most. One would have to be Vanquish. They are an aged team, who have been working together for years. They go through stages of being defeatable, however when they put in the effort, they seem to become one of the strongest teams at will. Second would have to be Interitus. Boasting some of the strongest, and most knowledgable players in the game
    ( developers take notes from them, they know so much about the game it’s scary ) they are a force to be reckoned with. Next would have to be Faucher, and Imperial Army for the same reasons… Strength in numbers. They will never be short of their talent. And last but not least, no- for being a respectable team, that has great sportsmanship, and learns well from their mistakes.

    **Tell us how you’ve been doing in competitive play recently and what you are looking forward to in the future and how you can go about improving.
    Every great team has had ups, and downs. That being said, we are confident in our abilities, and thrive on good competition.

    **Is there anything you’d like to say to the Chivalry world? This is your one moment to shine!
    I went through mumble, and asked my team what they would like to say, this is the result.
    Whisper - " I don’t know, what should I say. "
    Ronin - " Everyone join the hanzo fan club ( ) "
    ZomboJoe - " This game ripped off skyrim. "
    Artos - " Hold on, I’m kicking ass. "
    Teeman - " Wtf yo "
    Crath - " Quack. "
    Breakfast Warrior - " All this killing? I haven’t even had breakfast yet! "
    HeightofAbsurdity - “Chiv is a great game, and AMAZING team game. There are lots of great teams so we want everyone to make/find one to play this game as it is meant to be played: Co-ordinated, team-based manslaughter! Oh, and Grand Mace takes no skill.”

    Fan Contributions

    One thing we love is seeing how creative people can be. There has been a lot of great artwork, videos and other mediums that the community has put forth, so we’d like to take the time to showcase some of their work.

    If you’d like to get your fan-made creations shown in our newsletters that is Chivalry related, send an email to: and let’s talk about it!


    SardonicSamurai made a hilarious short animation about Chivalrous Combat. Enjoy!


    While this video is from February, it really captured the…”airy-ness” of Chivalry. Take a look at what **TheBiscuitFoundation** put together!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
    **MattShea369** is back again with an interesting take on what happens behind closed doors.
    **[Squeses](** took two screenshots amidst battle. He removed the hud from the images, and used some neat photoshop tricks to go over the screenshots and made them his own.
    He takes requests, so leave him a message and post comments [Here!](
    **I found this image that [Burgzaza](** made on our Official Chivalry Steam group, so I had to add it into our newsletter!
    "There is some moments where you have no more throwing axes… Agatha archers always know that ! They can feel it. So they try to aim at you.
    So one day, I just had to throw my Maul at the archer’s faces.
    But it was all just a dream..."
    Check out his blog to see more of his work: [](
    **[The King](** created a beautiful short story about Feydrid Kearn and Agatha. Here is a short excerpt of it:
    _His shining brown eyes stared into the far, dark-green woods; his plated hand resting on his sword's robust pommel. The sandstone balcony proved a delicate place, its aura exercising calm winds and spiritual peace; its remarkably crafted edges filled with old, painted Agathian symbols and presentations, showcasing Argon's war of unification and the battles that led to it and followed it. At times, the balcony seemed like the only place left in the Agathian lands which had not yet been informed of the war, kept and contained in blissful ignorance of the horrors entertained beyond its borders._
    Please read the rest of it [here]( and let him know what you think!
    **Custom Content:**
    As the SDK and Steam Workshop implementation gets closer, there have been some great fan-made maps and mods in progress, so I’d like to give a shout out to some of the creators here!
    * [Chivalry: Mana Warfare]( - Knil has done a great job creating a wizard mod with 5 different element types you can choose from.
    * [Jousting Terrain map]( - Goomba has created a very cool looking map good for FFA and TDM.
    * [Dungeon LTS map]( - Dancelot released a very cool underground LTS map. Definitely one to check out.
    These maps and mods can currently only be played on the beta, until the SDK is released to the live build. They are definitely playable though, so keep an eye out on their progress! And stay tuned for next time where we’ll showcase more mods and maps!
    **In Closing:**![](
    The Torn Banner team will be at [Pax Prime]( in Seattle this year on August 30-September 2\. If you are going to be in the area, be sure to stop by our booth. We'd love to see you!
    Thank you for your continued support!
    Don’t forget to post your suggestions for our future newsletters [here](! and be sure to continue visiting our various social media sites for updates. Tell your friends about us!
    **Our official media sites:
    **Twitter**: [](
    **Facebook**: [](
    **Google+**: [](
    **Steam Group**: [](
    **Til’ we meet again,**
    **Kimiko**; _**Community Manager**_
    **Torn Banner Studios - Passion and Innovation in Video Game Design**

  • “Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior” Well that was unexpected for me.

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    MattShea369 is back again with an interesting take on what happens behind closed doors.


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  • Nice newsletter !
    I loved that animated drawing ;)

  • Would MUCH rather see 4 classes from each of the new ages being introduced into chivalry and not as a standalone game.

    Knights, samurai, Spartans, etc each with 4 classes and all inter-mixable in the base game. would have been a helluva expansion. this…well its awesome but with a side of “Meh!” thrown in.

    Son I R Disappoint.

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    There was a french spammer who I banned/deleted his post :P

    And his post was fucking awesome!

    “You and me, and the cow is what we eat.”
    This is gonna be my pick up line for now on.

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