Friday Update: What we’re up to! August 23, 2013

  • Welcome to our Friday Update, where we hope to provide you with an update of what we have been working on and perhaps things to come.

    • Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior join forces to bring the ultimate FPS battle in Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior. This lethal expansion will bring epic new maps, new classes and a whole new dimension to the world of first person slashers. Six elite warriors from throughout the ages have been chosen, so you can decide once and for all who is deadliest.


      Find out more on our teaser site:

    • PAX Prime: Torn Banner is going to PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington from August 30th through September 2nd. It’s going to be a lot of fun and we’d love to meet you all. So if you’re in the area, be sure to stop by our booth and get the first inside look at Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior.

    • Newsletter #4: If you haven’t seen it yet, our next bi-monthly newsletter is now online! Check it out here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17972

    • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare: With the announcement of Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior, there have been concerns that we will no longer be updating Chivalry - this is not true. We will be continuing to update both games. Any updates we do will still be announced weekly in this update, or at the time of any release. With this in mind, we will have a patch up on the beta soon with fixes to the server browser, joining a game through friends via Steam and much more.

    Thank you for your patience and continued support. See you next week!

  • I feel like all my pertinent observations somehow end up getting deleted. I think it’s a bug.

  • Looks like another third-person slasher to me.

  • That expansion won’t make it onto my HD. Not because it looks bad. It’s just not my taste.

    But I’m afraid it will divide the community. Some players will only play the expansions, some will only play Medieval Warfare (like me) and some will play both.

    I guess there’ll be less players online in Medieval Warfare and the updates will take longer.
    I never had a doubt even once when I saw the teaser, that TBS would continue the Medieval Warfare support. But let’s stay realistic. You guys can’t divide yourselves.
    This expansion will need your attention, so less attention gets paid to Medieval Warfare.
    I’m sad about that, but well… The expansion will bring money for you. Money that helps you to get faster by employing more people for example. So…

    Good… As long as you don’t stop updating Medieval Warfare, I’m pleased. But please don’t do it like Bethesda and start making patch schedules. It’s the worst thing ever. Your patch destroyes something, but you don’t have time for a hotfix because you already have to hurry to release the next patch. So stuff that you broke will stay broken.

    Sorry… I’m just raging a bit now. Skyrim was unplayable if there weren’t modders that fix the stuff that Bethesda destroys.

    Uhm, back to topic. I wish you much success with his expansion, so the money flows to you, so you can continue your great work. Don’t listen to the haters that say you’re skillless. Those that say that are guys that couldn’t even do it half as good as you.

  • we will have a patch up on the beta soon with fixes to the server browser, joining a game through friends via Steam and much more.

    I have a smile reading that, there is a fix for the brownser since what, almost every patch, you should give up, fixing a brownser seems really to hard, or maybe you’re not enough in TBS, should take 5new programmer for this problem, good luck.

  • Eh. Deadliest Warrior is probably something I will never play. I prefer the normal Medieval game…

    Still waiting to be able to get Medieval Warfare though… Eh. Oh well I guess. If I’m doomed to never play this, then so be it.

  • I really have no problem with the expansion simply because there are aspects of the full game that are no longer worked on much (animations, sounds, textures, etc.) with people ready to do them; moving them to the new game isn’t a big deal.
    What happens to the game is a different story, but I will stay optimistic. The footage looks quite good for an alpha, and with some variety and polishing may make an interesting game. But good luck with this endeavor, Torn Banner. -?

  • Hmm, so there won’t be any ‘samurai vs. Agatha’ battles? Are the Deadliest Warrior maps and classes totally separate from the original game?

    The first post says ‘expansion’ so I was thinking it would, you know, add stuff to the game… but it sounds from this thread like it is instead creating a parallel game alongside Medieval Warfare. Hmm. :(

  • I believe they mean “expansion” more like how expansions used to be. I.e a separate “game” built on/sharing the foundation of the base game rather than integrated DLC.

    To be fair, I don’t think we would want Deadliest Warrior classes available in the base game. I think that would piss people off and ruin the “lore” etc. But I’m sure modders/mappers will be able to steal the maps from it. ;)

  • Nice… no new posts since 29aug… gonna be 2 fridays without any updates.

  • Nah; just the one so far. PAX being the reason for the missing Friday update.

  • Correct - no Friday Update last week due to PAX. I just posted some pictures in the DW official news section. Back on track this week though!

  • I’ll try to get my pictures from PAX up tonight :)

  • Anything this week?

  • @bsan89:

    Anything this week?


  • :( was hoping something being work on Chiv…

  • @TruStylez:

    Nice… no new posts since 29aug… gonna be 2 fridays without any updates.

    It transpires that your crystal ball is correct.

  • Two missed Friday updates?
    That’s the final straw. OFF WITH KIMIKO’S HEAD.

  • @bsan89:

    :( was hoping something being work on Chiv…

    I recall reading a post from a couple days ago saying that they were working on a patch and it should be on the beta soon. So at least there’s that.

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