Bug with windowed mode and FPS locked

  • If you change Fullscreen to “False” and go out of the menu and back into the menu, the resolution will have changed from my native resolution (1920x1080) to 1440x900 even if the window is maximised. Although i dont see any fps changes between windowed or fullscreen, i really can feel its different. It feels alot more “sluggish” somehow.

    Also i have noticed my FPS is stuck at 62 no matter if i turn off VSYNC or not. Seems to be locked at 62.

    Running a GTX580 with 306.23 drivers.

  • Developer

    Look for MaxSmoothedFrameRate in UDKEngine.ini. Set it higher, it’ll max out higher. It’s not necessarily going to make the game look any better, though (unless you have, say, a 120 Hz monitor).

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