Where to post video of hacker

  • Hi, I have a video from a very recent game where a player was pretty blatantly hacking. Where and to who can I post this to have something done about it?

    This was on Official TO Server #7 Aus [24p], if that makes any difference.

  • You usually email kimiko the community manager for hackers on official servers.

    Or play in games on net servers. He’s probably already banned from all those. If not they dot last long becuase of active moderation and a better report system.

    You also need evidence that it was that person. Using the getplayerinfo [USERNAME] (can be a partial name and leaving it blank will bring up a full list of the server) command while recording or taking a screenshot of it will definately get that player banned. Otherwise not much can be done.

    For games on net servers you would go to the website www.games.on.net and click contact us and submit a troublemaker report.

    For official servers you email kimiko the community manager.

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