[MECH] Full turn overhead?

  • Sometimes I see people, epecially with a high rank, do an over head while doing a full 360 degrees turn. I wanna be able to do that too but I couldn’t find it in the tutorial or anywhere else :| How do you do this? I also tried doing it with the mouse and a higher mouse sensitivity but it doesn’t work I can’t turn that fast while swinging the game doesn’t let me do that :(

    Thanks for responding, unless you don’t ofcourse hehe…

  • In my opinion, it’s not really a valid trick in team play. Once people see it, it’s very easy to counter and leaves you open since you’re not looking at your enemy. It’s basically a lookdown overhead that’s slightly faster, requires a lot of practice, and much more dangerous.

  • I have never seen a 360 overhead so please get some video because I don’t believe it is possible. What is possible is a 180 overhead which can be very hard to land but it is possible with lots of practice and timing. It is a legit attack, because it is hard as hell to do it because of the vertical attack turn is nerfed. AOC was much easier to attack then 180 into an enemy behind you. I miss those days of luring someone into chasing you, you start a stab and 180 it into their gut. Oh the good ol days…. Now to even come close to that you have to run away in a big circle because you just cannot turn into them that fast.

  • Mate forget 360, we are talking 720 ninja back flips and shit XD.

    Nah but srsly best tactic is to just jump and not swing (opponent will block) then swing cut em down make em look like a fool xD. (Spam overhead always wins)

  • @GottaBeSneaky:

    Mate forget 360, we are talking 720 ninja back flips and shit XD.

    Nah but srsly best tactic is to just jump and not swing (opponent will block) then swing cut em down make em look like a fool xD. (Spam overhead always wins)

    I love doing this. Then I get called a bundle of sticks for feinting.

    Sometimes with newbies I’ll just start jumping in their face like 6 times in a row, then swing. hahaha

  • I love the jump kick to the face and sometime I will jump parry. It totally throws players off making them feint, big mistake……

  • it’s a 180 where the actual hit takes place, if you do a full 360… you’re doiong it wrong, that will actually make it slower.

    the rest of the 360 is just to turn back and face your opponent again, the part that hits is 180…

    real easy, turn 180, crouch, look up and do an overhead… boom you’re a pro.

    people like to do them after hit trades and such when both are trying to get the first lookdown overhead in… this one can hit a bit quicker, and you have to block downward as it’s coming from the floor.

  • I got some hits with 360 overhead as a followup after missed 180 lean overhead :]

    Normally I do 180+overhead and instantly after that I turn to face the opponent, sometimes when I am close and do it fast enough it lands at the end of the swing :)


  • Can be effective with the poleaxe. This guy Whisper…

    Anyway. What I’ve found works well with the pole axe concerning the 180 learn back overhead is first stab. Once the stab is successful immediately begin the overhead portion of your combo while simultaneously turning around, ducking, and looking as far up as you can (if you have any extra time, which isn’t too likely, try walking backwards while doing it). 85% of the time this will miss, so combo another stab and then quickly turn around- this one is way more effective, as your hands are hidden for most of the windup, and the poleaxe stab isn’t the easiest read to begin with. The problem is now you’ve got a poleaxe combo with two stabs that have a high chance of hitting, so start doing some hard kicks and stuff :).

    I one hand the longsword a lot in duels, and I get hate for 360ing in the middle of a combo. Starts with a successful stab, begin doing a quick 360 to YOUR right, when you’re almost turned around begin a slash hit and the one hander will normally hit them immediately as the windup starts, then stab again, or overhead drag away/stab combo as you push up on their left side (to your right). This works well most of the time, worst case scenario my spinny move gets parried. I can use this tactic fairly effectively in clan kendo duels (if it’s not an maa) and pub duels both. Works with pretty much any 1 handed sword, and I can show you what it looks like if you want to. Steam name is Quigleyer.

  • are you talking about backswing overhead, that is turned into normal delay ?:D

  • go into wind-up, turn 180° for release for crouch&backlean reverse overhead, turn again 180° during release for normal or even crouch&lookdown overhead.
    seems popular with the really heavy slow weapons like the maul. i’ve seen someone in TO do nothing else than that move with maul. i’ve also seen it with maces and double-axe. i’ve seen it used in duels too. and really sly ones use it in combos, slash into reverse-turn 180° overhead for instance.

    if you move right, you can do the same with slash. you can hit people with reverse slash, and turn 180° to hit them again with the end of your slash (though it doesn’t count as two hits, but it is two opportunities to hit).

    most people that use these tricks only manage to get a few hits when people aren’t expecting it, but make themelves very predictable and thus vulnerable to anyone who knows what it is they’re doing. however, it can be very hard to read, and i have seen people by extremely good with it and beat other extremely skilled players in duels. the last Knight mace seems hardest to read.

    note: good ones use it in first person.

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