Duplicate CD key due to computer crash

  • Hey there, I have a problem that I hope can be solved, While installing Chivalry with Steam my computer crashed just as I had entered the cd key and pressed continue so the installation didnt finish.
    Now when I try to install the game again it says that it is a duplicate CD key and so cant install. I have sent a pic of the cd with key and also a pic of my receipt for the game to Steam support (what a joke they seem) and after 3 days I still have had no reply from them.
    As I say I do have proof that the game is original but I just need to know how to either reset the key or how do I go about getting a new key for free.

    Thanks in advance

  • Developer

    The game will be in the Steam Library of the account you activated it on. Log into that account, click Library, and double-click the game to install it.

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