The Ruins (LARGE?) and Game Crashes

  • Hey everyone. Recently I’ve been trying to play in more organized play, like 5 on 5, instead of just pubbing all the time. Whenever we try to play the ruins, whether it be a friendly team scrimmage or a friendly scrimmage against another team, we realize we can’t really play it LTS to get an even match due to it usually crashing one or more people’s games (UDK.exe has stopped working). Those people are then required to re-join, but can’t join in on the match, so we re-start. Last night we tried restarting 3 separate times before we joined another map.

    First time my game crashed and another guy’s game crashed. We tried it again, now the admin’s game crashed. Third time a guy on the other team crashed. And this isn’t the first occasion I’ve noticed this.

    Something is crashing players consistently on ruins AND ruins large (when we accidentally play that horrible map).

  • If you try to switch to a map that doesn’t exist, your game will crash. There are no checks for nonexistent maps, as long as you use the map naming format of AOCLTS_mapname_P.

    I know this might be redundant, but are you sure he’s typing in the name of the map correctly?

  • Crash dumps would be helpful in diagnosing this.

  • I’m almost positive he was typing it in correctly, as 8/10 of the players were able to get into the game every time, but good thinking there.

    Slygoat- could you explain to me how to access a crash dump? We’re having consistent results with the ruins maps, and it’s not always the same people. I’m almost certain we could get it to happen again for at least someone on the team(s).

  • Documents > My Games > Chivalry Medieval Warfare > UDKGame > Logs

    Look at the dates; it should be the most recently modified .dmp file after said crash.

  • I’ve played since, does that matter? Do I need to find the log for a specific play session?

    I think it’s this one:

  • But might also be this one. Sorry couldn’t find a way to upload two files to one post. I’m kind of a forum noob though.

  • @quigleyer:

    I’ve played since, does that matter? Do I need to find the log for a specific play session?

    I think it’s this one:

    It only generates a .dmp when the game crashes, so it only matters if you’ve crashed since (although any crash is bad and should probably be diagnosed ;) )

  • Then it was likely the first one (one with earlier time).

    I crashed a few times that night, I think most were ruins. Next time it happens I’ll make sure to remember which one it is.

  • We recently tried playing again on Ruins Large (I’m almost certain LARGE is the problem) for a 5 on 5, LTS. First a teammate crashed, so we did restart and made it one round (round 1- successful). Then one teammate and one opponent crashed next round (round 2, since we restarted). Third round my computer gave me this and completely restarted:

    I was incredibly freaked out, as I had never seen this before, and didn’t take notice of the mentioned error (that screen is from the internet, that was NOT my error, at least I don’t think it was). The internet tells me it’s the Windows 8 blue screen of death, and I’m hoping no lasting damage was created.

    After I booted back up and joined back in the teammate who swears “Ruins never crashes my game” told me he also crashed, but did not receive this screen and got to a normal crash. So at least he now believes me enough to NOT choose Ruins Large when it’s his pick, but it would be nice to play. When I joined the server again they had changed maps and all was good.

    Unfortunately after my computer blue-screened on me it doesn’t appear a .dmp file was created for that date and time.

    I don’t think Ruins Large is on normal rotations, so you guys might find luck from trying it on your servers, etc. I’m personally not going to try this again after I got blue screened if I can prevent it. Try starting it up 10 times or so and see if you can get a crash. If it’s not machine-specific you should see at least one.

    I guess I won’t be doing this map again willingly… but should the situation arise where I see a normal crash on this map I’ll try and post the .dmp here.

    I have suggested that the guys who crash post their .dmp files to you guys, but most members of the competitive community seem very cynical about any communication with you guys, and only jokes were made when I said that. I’m going to attempt to get at least one of their .dmp files Dropboxed to me soon, I’ll see if I can’t post it should it work out.

  • We have ruins large on our 50 slot LTS… not had any reports of it crashing yet. Maybe get the people who’ve crashed to join another server that way we can work out whether it’s a server specific issue like corrupt files?

  • You know it might only be happening on one server. Maybe it’s some corrupt files on my end, or even the servers.

  • Got to Ruins Large on a clan’s scrim server last night and when they switched, it crashed.

    Here’s the log: … .57.43.dmp

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