[AsM] We are recruiting!

  • Who are we?

    The Armoured Space Monkeys is a Eu based and Social Gaming Clan.

    We offer our members, private servers, events, and of course socializing.
    Our main goal is to create a fun and social gaming community whose main focus is having fun instead of being the best at everything.
    Our ranking system provides our members with more privileges and power to change stuff for the better.

    Why join us?

    We are looking for new members that love playing Chivalry.
    Our focus is that our members are having a great time in game!
    But also we want our members to be able to knuckle-down
    and get serious when we want to employ interesting tactics and try out some competitive.
    Nothing insane, we just want a challenge.

    So if this sound interesting to you, Sign up on our website ! http://www.Asm-clan.net

    If you have any questions feel free to join or teamspeak and ask us! ts.asm-clan.net

  • Where are you based? EU, US, etc?

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