Server lag issues.

  • I understand that the servers are being run by Multiplay?

    The issue I’ve been experiencing since post patch (latest one) is that, there are tons of lag spikes, as well as lag times. A recent issue has been that everyone suddenly gets high pings (200-400) in a new map. This happens very randomly.

    Will someone please look at this? This is occurring across the board with Official Servers #17, 18 and 19.

  • Howdy Jiron. I come from servers 17, 18 and 19 and have been playing in this 3 servers since the beginning. The pings have fluctuated over the months and now its at its worst… It shows at 300-350 ping for me and is totally unplayable.

    I come from Malaysia and 17,18, and 19 are Sg servers. Could someone explain to me why the hell am i getting horrible ping for this 3 servers and am getting 100-150 ping for Japan servers and Australia servers?

    I hope Torn Banner studios look into this and not ignore it. And pls dont give me the bullcrap about its not Torn banners fault and blah blah blah. You guys appointed whoever for your servers they better buck up or at least keep the consistency in their services…

    Simple thing as server quality cant be achieved and you guys looking toward bigger things? Surely fail…

  • I agree with numb. Lately, it seems like there are some problems for certain people. Their pings will hit 200++ even though their usual pings are about 60 and below. The servers are very poorly maintained. It’s almost as if the servers are a reflection of the amount of bug issues in the game itself.

    Perhaps you guys could afford to pay more attention to all that, and give us supporters a good game experience. It feels like you guys have sold out, and focused purely on profits, what with the announcement of Deadliest Warrior and all. Seriously… if that is the condition of the servers and the game, I sure as hell ain’t getting Chiv:DW.

  • We do not host the servers locally. They are leased just like everyone else. I posted this up awhile ago looking for people to help out so I can pass these on to Multiplay to see if there are specific issues:

    Please read it and email me your results:


    In the meantime, I have restarted those 3 servers, so let me know if there are any improvements.

    If things don’t improve overall, we’ll look into other options.

  • Hey Kimiko!

    I am very pleased that there was a respond from you or anyone for that matter.

    I am also very happy that the servers are back to normal. Even some of the Sg players are getting 8 ping… Thanks for the quick response and for rectifying the matter…

    Kimiko~! bear hugs buddy… :)

    sorry if i sounded a lil rude… just my frustration… my bad… :(

  • Hi Kimiko,

    The official servers 17,18 and 19 are gradually increasing in ping… and now its up to 200 ping for me. The Sg players have good ping but are still higher than normal.

    Its totally unplayable for me now… I hope that you can resolve this issue asap…

    The problems with the mini teleports are gone btw. That is about the only thing that has improved with the servers. I think the service providers are crap, and I saw in some thread that Tornbanner has put a lot of money into it, well I hope they can improve their services or tornbanner might need to move on or die out.

    Worst thing that could happen is to have an awesome game and shit for server service providers to kill your game, and I can assure you many ppl have stopped playing due to this.

  • Hi numb,

    Thanks for the info. I just saw your email as well. If you can please do the following in my post here: … TR#p166313

    then I can get more feedback on those particular servers. If you can get others that frequent that server to do that as well and email me the results (, that would be most helpful.


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