What is the point of joining a clan/guild

  • so yeah i was wondering

  • Ehm, having a party of people to play/train with?

    And most importantly, join the competitive aspect of the game, not random players running around in a server, but two “armies” actually using teamwork and cooperation to complete objectives.

  • Basically it’s more fun. Once you’re good enough to join some random server and go 30-0 and make everyone on the enemy team ragequit, game gets boring.

  • Clan wars and having a good group of friends to play the game with.

  • There can also be different types of clans and I dont mean how committed you have to be or how often/seriously they play but rather the chemistry of the clan its self. that’s what will decide exactly what kind of experience you’ll get from fighting with(or against) clans/guilds.

    There are the groups that aim for nothing more then getting the most members possible. I am sure any one who has ever played a Free2play game has run into these kinds of guilds. and there is nothing wrong with them either it just seems kinda pointless to me since there is next to no organization besides wearing a tag showing your allegiance to that group.

    Then the groups that strictly pick out the most skilled and talented members only. personally I have had a few rather nasty run-ins with these types of clans. mostly because the members all though they were the best thing since buttered biscuits. but when its all in good fun you can imagine how much fun it would be to have two highly skilled teams all working together to smash each other
    :mace: :bonk: ….so epic

    And lastly though very few in number there are the groups of (mostly) like minded individuals who share the same values and morals and train/play not to be the best or to get the most members but to have a truly fun and honorable battle with a respectable opponent.

    but mostly just whats already been said, this is just me spouting what I know.

    Anyway if you do join or create a guild I hope it ends up being a truly enjoyable experience.

  • no dedicated server files for clan servers… so why any clans.


    no dedicated server files for clan servers… so why any clans.

    lol They’ve stated multiple times they will release the server files soon. How are you an alpha tester and not know these things?

  • thank you everyone for your replies :) i think theat once i get to play the game and learn the basics i will try to join a clan :)

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