Is the mute function working for anyone?

  • Hey all!
    I don’t want to post this in bug reports because I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a problem of mine.
    But when muting a player, it won’t work. He’s muted for some seconds and then I can read and/or hear him again. The only thing that works for me is muting all players.
    I asked some friends and they know that problem. But is it happening to everyone? Or am I doing something wrong? I click on the players name and then on mute player.
    Should I do anything more to complete it?

  • i think in the last patch they messed up the voice chat icon showing up and the persons name whos speaking as well as the comand my friend.

    i made a post about it in bug reports, but no 1 from tb has responded to it yet.

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