[SOLVED] Black screen on startup.

  • Hello,

    Every time i launch chivalry all i see is a black screen and hear the menu music playing. I’ve been playing chivalry for a good while on steam already and suddenly I started getting this problem. I have already updated my graphic driver. I have also tried disabling startup movies and trying to play windowed mode. Both dont help. Reinstalling did not work either.

    So now i need help. I have posted my dxdiag.
    Also note. the game does not crash it’s just all black. sometimes i can get a flicker of the ingame screen before it returns to black.

    Please let me know if you require additional information.

  • if you rename the \Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config folder then reverify your game cache in steam (it’ll redownload the clean configs) does that help. It’s possible you picked up a reolsution or setting that isn’t supported by your monitor of gfx card in the configs

  • Thanks so much this really helped.

    After doing what you said i was able to launch the game in windowed mode and was able to see everything. so i changed the resolution to my normal 1680 x 1050.
    However i first tried to set the launch options to -w 1680 -h 1050. that did not work.

    But it’s fixed and working now. Thanks allot monkeyfiend.

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