Major Stun Daze Bug!!!

  • @Retsnom:



    Last night I got 1 hit stunned several times with basically full health and stam, the hit took 60% of health and the stam was full. Frozen then dead. yeah it is getting old……

    While it’s fresh in your mind can you recall what class/weapon you were using and what class/weapon your opponents were using?

    Honestly a 1 shot stun 60% health reduction does sound like double hits to me, especially if it’s a VG charge or something like htat.

    99% of the time I play halberd, it is what I played in AOC and In Chiv. Yeah I know…. it is not the best weapon by far.

    I cannot recall the enemy weapon. I will keep a look out and post back when it happens again.

    The other thing I have noticed since the patch which I probably should make a separate post is random swings just happening when I don’t even press a button or I will stop attacking and boom another swing will just happen from my model. I am like WTF? I rarely combo and prefer to time my swings individually. These random swings do not act like a combo. They are just random.

    i know exaclty what you mean, i’ve been streaming the past few days so i probably have tons on instances of it. Usually happens when i’m sprinting ill just randomly throw a poke or overhead, it’s NEVER a slash as i recall, usually poke or overhead, and i wont even have my finger on the scroll wheel at all.

    Seems to trigger from sprinting… and its usually right after i respawn and am running back toward the objective. I’ve had it happen so randomly i can’t put my finger on why it’s happening. Other folks in my stream said they’ve had it happen too.

  • i might even have video somewhere of getting stunned while i still have about 30 stamina, and it’s not recovered from parrying because while i’m stunned i’ll look down at my stamina bar and i’ll still have about 30 stamina, i’ve been stunned with like 40 stamina, never full stamina though or half or above, always at least a bit under 50 like 40 below.

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