Game mode - Survival

  • I mentioned this for chivalry, but I think this would be the perfect time to incorporate an official survival mode, catering to all of the expansions factions in the right way. This would give DW an extra layer of unique depth to stand out as its own project from C:MW.

    Essentially a survival mode shaped and tailored to DW’s biggest selling point, different warrior factions from history.

    As a scenario for example: for the spartans I would perhaps expect a narrow piece of terrain to defend from waves of AI (think 300 variant); for the samurai maybe a very Japanese castle/village/temple to guard and so forth.


  • It may seem very typical, but I would love a survival mode where you perhaps have to defend an objective or guard a VIP transport, with a group of friends (Maybe 5-6?) who can all select their own warrior type.

    You get your group together (i’ll use the Darkforest objective for the example) and have to move a wagon through various checkpoints, along the way being assaulted by groups/waves of enemy AI who you have to fight off and co-ordinate to keep them away whilst moving the cart. Maybe you have a set pool of lives before you run out of resources, which must be replenished at the next checkpoint. Maybe even use the buffed up King aspect to introduce ‘special’ enemies or boss/mini-bosses for added difficulty.

  • AI is STUPID

  • @thedobrev:

    AI is STUPID

    Yeah they would need odds of 50 to 1 to stand a chance. And even then 450 of them would wander in the wrong direction.

  • Well… yes, alright the AI would need a ‘tune up’ in the same way that a scrapyard needs a bit of dusting.

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