A few balance ideas

  • Hello there warriors!

    As a mere rank 34, I don’t know if I can give as much insight as some of the great Goldenhelms out there, but I’m going to try anyway.
    Let me be blunt teehe for a second here. I LOVE Chivalry. It is without a doubt, my favorite game I own.

    That being said, it needs some small work. I’m not faulting Torn Banner or saying they need to work harder.
    The issues in this game are small, but after playing for a long time, you start to notice patterns.


    Now, I know this is a heavy topic and one of the Man at Arms’s strong points.
    That being said, I think that the dodge is more of a last ditch effort, to be used to quickly exit potential obliteration being brought upon you by many foes.
    What I see when playing, is it being used as a sole combat tactic. It is routinely used over and over to exit combat situations and return.

    Now, I know it costs stamina and has a short cooldown. I’m not saying they should remove it all together.
    What I do think, is that a longer cooldown should be added to turn into something more like a fallback point rather than an entire combat tactic.

    The length of the cooldown I think should be in the range of 5 seconds, give or take. That’s just me though.
    Being an on and off Man at Arms myself, I can easily see myself dealing with the small cooldown, taking into account my fast movement speed.

    Vanguard pole weapons.

    Well, I’ll go right ahead and say that the Vanguard is one of the classes that I play the least.
    I’m an archer hunter half the time, and I like having a shield to protect me from those pesky arrows.
    Still though, I play Vanguard once and a while, seeing as I have unlocked all their weapons.
    One thing I notice, is that pole weapons coughBrandistockcough, have some nice damage and range attached to them.
    Now, this is to be expected. However, I find it hard to believe that stabbing someone when they’re mere inches from you, trying to grab your…
    cough Throat, has the same effect when stabbing someone five feet away.
    Now, I know that’s the case with just about every weapon in the game (got to love that momentum).
    However, in the case of a spear. I think that some damage scaling might just help create a little sense of tactic versus the common “get in face and stab” style of combat.

    Example: You’re a Vanguard with a spear charging with a few buddies against an enemy force. The two forces meet.
    However, you being a spear wielder, hang back a little, leaving some space between your attackers.
    A knight comes at you. Slower than you, you’re able to keep him a little ways from you, and thus are unaffected by the hindrance of your…long spear…
    However, when a Man at Arms runs to attack you, you realize that he, much faster than you, will close the gap between you much quicker than the Knight before him.
    You stab him once, and seeing him hesitate, pull out your secondary. Ready to trade blows in his element.

    My point with this, is that I think some damage scaling, in which the further your opponent is away from you the more damage you deal, could add some variety to the normal “stab until death” kind of Vanguard.

    Individual weapon tweaks:

    Polehammer: In using this weapon (and having it used on me), I find that its overhead is very fast for a pole weapon, and quite powerful.

    Well, actually.
    That’s it.

    That’s my small list of tweaks for Chivalry:Medieval Warfare.
    I welcome debate on my points as long as it is intelligent.

    Thank you for your time!


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