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  • **Geezers in Arms - Adult gaming community
    We are embracing new people into our community to play Chivalry Medieval Warfare. We are looking for adult gamers that want to have a fun time and enjoy the game.

    In GIA, it’s all about having fun, teamwork and enjoying the game together. We take care of each other and we are very organized in order to maximize the benefits to all our members. We are currently running GIA Medieval Nights every Sunday and the game of choice is Chivalry. We are also playing games like Payday 2, Left 4 Dead 2, 7 Days to Die, Infestation (WarZ), DayZ, Firefall, RIFT, Marvel Heroes, Hawken, Battlefield 3, etc…

    Our members come from all over North America, South America, Asia and Europe. We cover most of the time zones.
    Just check our Teamspeak 3 server status (bottom right corner of our main page) and join the fun!

    Please only 25+ year olds who love and have fun playing video games, not people with anger issues.
    Visit our main site @


  • This is not a clan, is a global adult gaming community. Our goal is to have fun and enjoy video games

  • Off with your head!! For the Order!!

  • Down for a chivalry scrim sometime?

  • That could be fun ! :)

  • @KAZUYA:

    That could be fun ! :)

    So a scrim on a Sunday… How’s 6 EST sound?

  • What’s your Steam URL Kazuya so we can be in contact while we schedule this?

  • Tempest would still love to have a scrim with you guys. I tried PMing Kazuya but got no reply.

  • @KAZUYA:

    That could be fun ! :)


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