Total Shutdown

  • Upon running Chivalry and entering a game, my computer will abruptly and completely shut down after a seemingly random period of time ranging from as soon as one to as many as ten minutes. Things I have tried:

    Googling it
    Updating drivers
    Turning all settings down
    Checking my temperatures (nothing gets above 50c)
    Turning “Bloom” off and leaving the rest of the settings as normal
    Re-installing game client.

    How do I stop this madness?

  • The usual causes for total system shutdown are temp or crashing drivers.

    So we need to find the cause. I’ll assume youre on windows 7, let me know if a different version. Click Start > Right click My computer > click Properties > Click advanced system settings > Click start up and recovery section ‘settings’. Untick ‘automatically restart’ and make sure ‘write an event to system log’ is ticked.

    Next time computer crashes hopefully you’ll get a bluescreen. Let us know the name of the driver that caused the exception (tends to be .dll or .ocx’s). Also try it again, see if it’s a fault in the same module.

    If the system crashes with different modules it tends to be temp related. If a specific module it tends to highlight the problem.

    Also check the event log in control panel > admin tool > event viewer to see what it has to say about the crash :D

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