Rank Stuck!!!

  • Hi, firstly, i’m a steam user and i’ve been playing Chivalry for hundred hours and i get stuck at rank 36 for week!!!(normally i play the game 2-3 hours a day and usually it took me no more than 2-3 days to reach higher rank, so it’s weird that my rank didnt go anywhere)

    Please help or give me any helpful advice. :) my game’s name is Gnobiad[Zweibrethren]

  • Are you sure it’s stuck? The required kills for the next rank increases exponentially.

  • Did you jump up in rank at any point? 100 hours and level 36 is kind of pushing what I think is possible, and you should have noticed it took you a while to reach levels 30, 31, 32, etc. if it was a natural progression.

    If you had the rank glitch you could be seeing any number of things. Guys are reporting ranking up from ranks lower than their current rank and weird stuff like that (like a 36 jump rank leveling up to level 28, and then to 37).

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