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    See attachments. The game text is also in path_to_chivalry_directory\UDKGame\Localization\INT. I’m also throwing in the Steam achievements localization file, and some strings from the Store page if anyone wants to look at those.

    Look at viewtopic.php?p=176503#p176503 before trying to translate the game’s strings.

  • Hello, I’ve translated the store page into Simplified Chinese through Steam Translation Server, see it at

    And here’s achievements localization file, I also attached a new AOCCustomization file with it.

    PS: You guys forgot to add Simplified Chinese in propertie’s languages options. So we have to run the game in English unless we add ‘-language=CHN’ command. Furthermore, the same applies to Polish users. Please fix it as soon as possible. Thanks!

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    I can see both, but I think I know why you can’t. We’ll look into it. Thanks again for the translations

  • Developer

    This issue should be resolved. If anyone else is missing languages, please mention the means by which you got Chivalry (purchased through the Steam store, purchased at retail, received as a Steam gift, received as part of a 4-pack, etc.)

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