Team Killing/Mistaking Color potential fix

  • Hello everyone, I play this game a lot and like everyone mistaking colors or being team killed is a big problem…I was browsing the internet and it just came to me:

    You could add a teammate highlight(depending on team), red for Mason and Blue for Agatha. Kind of like the rank 40 helms with their highlights.

    This could stop the mistaking colors and slightly fix team killing. You’d know who was on your team from afar if you’re an archer and all the goodies that come along with it. If above doesn’t sound appeasing to some people, maybe you could instead add an option to turn ‘Teammate Highlights’ on.

    That’s all folks, keep in mind it is just a suggestion…If implemented I’m sure TBS would come out with their own perfected mechanic for this idea. Discuss your thoughts.

  • ok im sorry but i play this game tons and since the update have not struggled for distinguishing the teams its really simple.

    Agatha: Blue, gold, white (main colours) and anything for the trim
    Mason: Red, Dark Red, Black (main colours) and anything for trim

    also remembering the different armour variants and the fact if you are looking at either team the masons will have a red name highlight and the agathanians will have a blue name highlight. Why are so many people not understanding this concept? its simple!

  • Team killing was just as rampant before the customization patch. The only thing now, is people have something else to blame it on now.
    People just need to get educated more on the armour style, not to mention the text colour of the players name as you are engaging in battle against them.

    As for the glow, it may work as a fix to help real lazy people, but for the love of god I hope it can be a server option. cruising round in my neons with bass playing is not my idea of chivalry.

  • I agree with Goregasm.
    Even if you guys and I have no problem seeing the difference, many people do. In the end its us whom get killed. Some kind of system to clarify Mason / Agatha would do good for the overall online game experience in my opinion

  • Turn dynamic lighting on.

    It makes it ten times easier.

    If you are still having trouble there’s something wrong with you.

    I was playing with a new guy who was full colourblind. After a while he pretty much stopped teamkilling as he looked at what each character model was.

  • My suggestion is to assist people with a team deciphering problem, not for those who claim having said problem isn’t an issue. I personally play fine the way the game is, the only issue I really come across is when I play an archer, the darker colors look similar far away, thus this suggestion would have significance to me when playing an archer. However, just because a select few say there is no issue, doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue for someone else. I’m not speaking on my behalf here, I’m simply suggesting a potential fix for those who really do have a problem and would like to have a more clear perspective of the battlefield.

    Obviously this isn’t for everyone, which is why I’d like to see it have a toggle in the configuration menu. It’s really tiring seeing people say the same things over and over, “it isn’t an issue, you’ve got to be retarded to not understand what team has what colors…etc”. It all boils down to not everyone is the same, not everyone perceives colors the same way another individual does. Sorry, but that is the reality of it. Some people have trouble spelling, others don’t understand how they could misspell some things. Other individuals have troubles with numbers while another cannot drive very well. It’s about more than just one or two individuals… This is about a vast amount of players who cannot tell what team they’re on. Hell, this could even fix people who are randomly autobalanced and don’t realize until they team kill two players, this suggestion has more than just a recent patch TK fix, it clears confusion too…

    So please…enough with the belittling of players who don’t agree with the “easily” perceived/understood customization colors, they are not easy for some players.

    All of the criticism and feedback on this suggestion is appreciated, but lets not belittle the players who do have an issue with the colors(at least in this thread), thanks. :)

  • Personally I wish they’d added more customisation to the outfits from a design perspective - more patterns, more logos but tempered by limiting the freedom of colour choice. I’d reather see more styles of player on the battlefield but still easily discernible by red/blue

    The red/blues are good, but there’s been a few occasions where the dark blues, in certain lighting conditions, look as black as the dark reds.

    That or a clientside or serverside option to disable would be grand

  • It’s getting problematic when you’re low on health and the screen turns grey and dark, especially because on my settings the game is already very grey and colorless. On battlegrounds it’s even worse. I don’t really have much problems on the other maps anymore though (as long as I’m not low on health of course).

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