Strange hit detection issues with halberd stab

  • In close to 1000 hours of play time this is the first time i’ve ever encountered noticeable hit detection issues. It was to do with the halberd stab.

    I joined a TO game and noticed the halberd stab kept going straight through enemies without doing any damage. Horizontal and overhead were working fine and my ping was around 80. In 900+ hours this is the first time i’ve noticed anything like this. Then a bit later i was facing a M@A in a corridor who was holding the heater shield up facing me directly. My stab went right through the middle of his shield and hit him, leaving us both wondering WTF just happened. Once again my ping was around 80.

    Anyone else noticed this?

  • Stabbing with polearms in general needs an overhaul. The fact that you can drag a stab and do damage is just plan silly lol. Its meant to be a precise movement, not a swing.

    Anyway I think the hit detection in this game is a bit wonky at times regardless of the weapon. Think I may try the halberd at some point though and see if you’re right.

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