Special Abilities/Perks

  • Much like the Man at Arms’ dodging or Archers’ back stab, just a couple ideas on what the warriors could get.

    Draw Slash: Pressing 1 sheaths your weapon, rendering yourself unable to block. Pressing 1 again will simply unsheathe into the standard fighting stance. Attacking will sound a heavy grunt as you quickly unsheathe and attack with your weapon for +50% damage.
    (Could be pretty silly with non bladed weapons)

    Jump Attack: Jumping and attacking uses 35% of your stamina to put all your strength into a great overhead/stab that deals extreme damage or dazes on block like the vanguard charge, but missing will plant you on the ground slightly longer than the vanguard’s charge.

    Childhood training: Being trained since childhood allows your strong muscles to deal 15 damage kicks/shield bashes (maybe slightly more disorienting to show how much it hurts) and fists deal more damage.

    Mountain: You receive less knockback when blocking with your shield. If multiple strikes hit your shield within 0.5 seconds, the following strikes drain 50% as much stamina than the first for that timeframe.

    Criticisms, tweaks, and your own ideas welcome.

  • I’m pretty sure the Spartans have the innate ability of super abs. They can do infinite crunches and situps.

    I’m still surprised people are clamoring for customizable abs for Spartans. (no homo)

  • I like men but I don’t care about Spartans abs ! =) All I want is a solid balanced engine. A cool-looking one too if possible… For Special Abilities I could want, it would be as written below. Would it be balanced ? That I don’t know !

    Samurai - SHEATHE : Pressing the Katana Weapon button would put the katana in the scabbard slowly, disabling run/attack/parry. Doing an attack during that stance would release a super fast 180° slash with longer reach.

    Spartan - BREAKTHROUGH : After a long run, you would automatically protect with the shield which would kick off all people on contact. You would be unable to attack during that stance. A denfensive Vanguard Charge, in fact…

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