[1v1 Melee Tournament] $25 Prize

  • This is the first tournament of (hopefully) many. I’ve only been playing Chivalry for a short period of time. Although, I couldn’t help but feel like the competitive scene is a bit lacking right now. Anyway, I’m hoping to help with that.

    I’m hosting a 1v1 melee only tournament. There won’t be any entry fee and the winner will get a $25 cash prize. As of right now, this is going to be a test run for a bigger picture I’m hoping to roll out later this fall. I’m talking with you guys to see what your thoughts may be about the format and how it should be run. As well, as see what may or may not go wrong with this smaller prize pool to better prepare myself for the latter events with the larger prize pools.

    Essentially, this is just a way to get my foot in the door of the community from a competitive perspective. I won’t be participating in the tournament but will be hosting the event from a private server.

    I will release more information in this thread via edit as time goes on.

    I would love to hear some opinions on ways to make this system better. I’m in the early stages of working on this right now and could use some help. If you’d be interested in helping from the staff perspective, send me a PM!! Please be advised, that being staff will automatically void you from participating in any event we sponsor.
    The first beta tournament will take place on September 22nd with the $25 prize pool.
    **Registration will begin later this week. Please keep the balance discussion to a minimum.

    Thanks guys!!

  • I do much recording, assuming matches are one at a time and I’m available I could record the matches in 720/1080p and upload everything.

    Pm me or add me on steam and we can talk.

  • Here’s a link to the last tournament which was ran very well by Nova: viewtopic.php?f=78&t=12588

    Could be a good idea to go to him for questions if he’s willing to help. Also, will this be moved to the tournament section?

  • NA OR EU?

  • @NoVaLombardia:

    NA OR EU?

    Not sure what I would do with Dollars in Europe :?
    I just assume it’s NA

  • When do signups start?

  • @Stinker:

    When do signups start?

    Still no update from OP, if it’s happening it’ll prolly be like 3 months from now, lawl.

  • I’m in if you ever open the signups. :)

  • Also interested, post sign-ups when ready

  • so…

    about that Safe, OP?

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