Game is slow

  • I’ve downloaded the game but when i go to play, it moves really slow and jumps a lot. When I chose my internet connection, I chose a dsl/cable speed, which I don’t have, so maybe that’s why the game runs slow? Or could it possibly be something else? Any info/insight would be appreciated.

  • If your game is showing low frames per second I would normally suggest you make sure your system can run it. Chivalry is kind of not what you would called “optimized” for some people (not trying to debate this one, I can run it fine).

    What are your system specs? I’m sure someone can help you.

  • its a dx 9 game guys, any one should be able to play this imo.

    he may be refering to the gameplay, which is very slow and buggy and choppy.

    alot of new people are starting to see the signs alot of us have seen for a long time, so maybe now that tb realizes thats its not just 1 person saying this maybe the gameplay will get spiced up a bit.

  • Go into the game.

    Press ~ to open the console

    Type stat fps


    Type Stat unit

    Look on the right of your screen, you’ll see your FPS there, along with Thread, Game and GPU. Look at those numbers and let us know what they are. Anything below 16 ms (which equates to about 60 fps) will start to reduce the fluidity of your gaming experience.

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