Archaic Templars

  • Since our clan is really not well known,I will give a brief explanation of us. We are the Archaic Templars and we have been a group in chivalry since it started, however we don’t often scrim. But to the few people who have heard of us and played with our members and server, I would like to know your opinions on us. Be it complaint or compliment I will do my best to help you. We are the Archaic Templars, not [TEMPLAR] we are a north American clan, you can find our steam page (our website is down for upgrading at the moment) by simply typing in Archaic into Google. I am Templar Krieger, and yes I haven’t been the nicest or most skilled chivalry player, but I have changed and I look forward to your responses and hope to see you on the battlefield.

  • Thanks for the scrim yesterday! But seriously you guys should scrim more. We all had a lot of fun.

  • Yeah we will try and scrim more once we get a feel for our active players.

  • I’m pretty sure TEMPLAR is already a clan, but oh well

  • @NabsterHax:

    TEMPLAR and Templar. Totally different.


    Next week: Rk²°_ and ***i0°°

    Dang it,you guys were right,it’s starting :D !

  • I don’t remember exactly who they were, though I know they were Archaic Templar members. They were good fighters, and seemed to be very pleasant in the chat despite recking face. I give these mysterious gentlemen my gratitude.

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