Speed and run

  • i think we should have speed difference ex marauder should go faster then vanguard and vanguard faster then knigh samething wiht run time , i dont think perma sprint is good we should have different run timer betwen class what you guys think about that ??

  • Man-at-Arms is 5% faster than Vanguard and 10% faster than Knight already. Any more and I think it would start to get frustrating in some cases for a Knight especially.

    I’m a proponent for limiting combat sprinting, however.

  • i dont think the diffence is enough i dont have the impression that im slower then man in ars and vanguard when i play knight and they have enough armor for make them a bit slower cause atm knight is overpower , they can take 2 shot of 2h and chase people

  • Knight’s pretty much fine as-is. The only broken aspect of Knight at the moment is being able to use Man-at-Arms primaries.

  • your points maybe different run timer should make a really difference betwen class

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