Seige weapon concept- Greek Fire Flamethrower

  • Greek fire was a form of early napalm that was successfully used by the Byzantines to repel all kinds of invasions, including Turks and Vikings.

    My suggestion is a type of mounted flamethrower with short range. Instead of being instant kill like the balista or catapult it would kill enemies being directly sprayed in, say, 1.5 seconds and even if they survive they will remain on fire but unlike oil pots it will not go out, it keeps burning. Teammates will receive less damage and only burn for about as long as an oil pot. Fires in bursts.


    [attachment=0:2js55vlg]hand spihon.jpg[/attachment:2js55vlg]

  • Great idea! I always imagined the Oil Pot to be actually be Greek Fire.

  • I’m currently developing a weapon that spews hot Hot Pocket stuffing from a PVC pipe.

    Holy shit, can we have this in the game? I want to throw a molten Hot Pocket at a knight instead of an oil pot.

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